COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Devotees, Patrons & Supporters of Toronto Kalibari,

To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone visiting the Toronto Kalibari during this ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic, the following protocols, in alignment with the Provincial and Municipal guidelines have been put in place and must be adhered to when visiting Toronto Kalibari:

  1. The number of devotees, including volunteers that will be allowed inside the temple at any point in time will be as per the latest guidelines issued by the local and provincial governments. Any additional devotees will be requested to wait outside, while maintaining physical distancing guidelines.
  2. All Individuals should always wear a clean and properly fitted mask / face covering, while within the Toronto Kalibari temple premises, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission.
  3. All devotees are requested to enter the temple through the main entrance, which will be kept open.
  4. When entering the temple, all devotees are requested to sanitize their hands with the hand sanitizer, and then record their name, address and telephone number in the log-book provided (bring your own pen), for future contact tracing (if required).
  5. Please be seated in the chairs as provided / arranged inside the Kalibari prayer hall, while always maintaining physical distancing. Kindly do not change the position of the chairs.
  6. All Individuals are advised to avoid any physical contact with other devotees while at the temple. We encourage devotees to greet each other with a namaste, bow, wave, or a smile.
  7. There will not be any singing by the devotees attending. The Priest will be performing prayers and will be two meters away from the devotees attending.
  8. To maintain physical distancing at all times – while passing through any door , please ensure that only one person passes at a time; when walking up and down the stairwell, please walk in a single file and not side by side.
  9. Only two individuals will be permitted in the Washrooms at any given point in time.
  10. No buffet style food will be served. Boxed Prasad (until supplies last) will be provided for carry out, as Toronto Kalibari will not be providing any sit-in / dining area for Prasad consumption. The downstairs kitchen and dining hall at Toronto Kalibari will remain closed until further notice. Devotees are advised to consume the Prasad, offsite, at their own risk.

Please note, if you have COVID-19 related symptoms (as per Health Canada guidelines) or have been in contact with anybody confirmed with COVID-19, we request you to stay at home until you are medically fit. if you are medically vulnerable, we strongly encourage you to delay your visit to the temple especially during the first 4-6 weeks after re-opening.

The health and safety of our devotees and volunteers is of paramount importance. All devotees visiting the temple have a responsibility to help keep their fellow devotees and volunteers healthy and safe. Kindly be cognizant of all the rules and observe them.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support that you have extended during this unprecedented and difficult time. We humbly pray to our Divine Mother – Maa Kali to keep everyone healthy and safe, always.

We are pleased to inform you that the Toronto Kalibari has reopened on Sunday, June 21, 2020. We welcome you back and look forward to your presence at our beloved temple.

To start with, Toronto Kalibari will be open for Kali Puja, three days every week – Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (same timing as before). Our top priority during this time will continue to be the safety of the devotees and volunteers.

Many thanks for your cooperation and support.

May Maa Kali bless us all.

Board of Trustees – Toronto Kalibari.